Think Tanks & The Existence Of Systemic Racism In America.

Calvin P. Kennedy Jr.
14 min readNov 22, 2021


It’s no secret that systemic racism has always played a prominent factor in the United States of America. Unfortunately, there’s a huge portion of America that says otherwise. This illogical belief that systemic racism has no role in American society is deeply rooted in historical racism, especially considering the unethical displacement of African-Americans in the early 1600s. Ironically everyone seems to accept the existence of systemic racism, even with verbal denial. Many contradictions about this topic are usually made by people on the right side of politics. These contradictions are the result of Americans putting too much trust into the government, mass media, and think tanks.

Recently there has been a rise in think tanks across America, many of these think tanks have infiltrated the realm of American politics, mostly to find a supplement to their agendas. And sometimes these think tanks possess the ability to impact societal views, personal opinions, and votes for certain political candidates. There are a plethora of think tanks that push false narratives nationwide, and these groups have caused the instant denial of objective truths through media. These narratives are often accepted instantly without analytical research on the presented topic, these think tank groups have mastered the art of indoctrination, mind control, and emotional appeal.

Essentially, think tanks in America have weaponized and utilized themselves as tools, only to become the puppet master for American politics. This is why we see conflicts between these left-wing and right-wing political groups. There’s a battle for power behind the scenes of America. Nowadays very few of these groups actually intend to help people without some sort of agenda attached. Think tanks like TPUSA (Turning Point USA) could be used as a prime example to point out the contradicting opinions held about race and systemic racism.

Charlie Kirk who’s the founder of TPUSA has simultaneously denied and accepted the existence of systemic racism, but his audience refuses to question these contradictions. TPUSA has indoctrinated millions with their lies and fabricated narratives. On October 4, 2019, TPUSA invited me and several other African-American students to the white house to hear Donald J. Trump speak at the Black Leadership Summit. This is important to know because Kirk stated on multiple occasions that he hated spaces dedicated to certain races and groups, he claimed to like inclusivity better. If that’s the case, then why did he create a space for the black/African-American identity?

He created the black leadership summit to push the broken conservative agenda onto African-American minds. He wanted to make sure the right-wing side of America could secure a huge portion of the black vote for Republicans, and he did it by any means necessary. It’s obvious that it was done to utilize black Americans as political pawns, which explains the presence of the former president and vice president of the United States of America. It was great to have the opportunity to hear Donald J. Trump speak in person. I’m astronomically honored to have witnessed that. And let’s not get it wrong, because I voted for Donald J. Trump in the last election. I think Trump was the best option for America at the time, there was no way Joe Biden was getting a vote from me. Charlie Kirk’s actions just don’t correlate to his narrative, and that’s my problem.

At the summit, Trump proposed his economic plan amongst other things to a majority African-American audience. In his plan, he talked about how he was going to economically enhance the black American economy through things like opportunity zones. I personally heard Trump himself say, “African-Americans built this nation, you know you’re just starting to get real credit for that…we all built it, but you were such a massive part of it, bigger than you were given credit for…but through generations of blood, sweat, and tears…you deserve a government that defends your interests…protects your interest.”

I’m glad I witnessed that moment because society painted Trump out as another white man who was racist, but I chose to believe otherwise. I don’t think Trump was perfect, but he was what America needed to fix the issues we had. Society said that Trump would never acknowledge the blood of African-Americans drenched into the symbol of this nation…aka the American flag, but Trump said the very words that a white racist would never say. He acknowledged the stolen blood and labor taken from my ancestors. Growing up I heard the horrid moments my elders faced on plantations as sharecroppers and slaves. Before my great-grandmother passed away, I got the chance to hear the stories of the racism she faced, so hearing Trump speak on these things sort of gave me a different perspective about him when considering candidates. To this day I’m still not a huge fan of Trump, but he definitely has my vote if there are no better candidates in the next election.

Link to summit speech: CNBC Television

I do not understand how anyone in America can deny the existence of systemic racism, especially if people like Donald J. Trump could acknowledge it. Do think tanks like TPUSA consider why someone like Trump would tell African-Americans “you built this country?” Do they ever wonder why he had a plan to increase access to capital in black communities by almost $500 billion? It’s because Donald J. Trump was well aware of systemic racism and the hold it had on African-Americans economically? In 2018, Trump even nominated Lorna M. Mahlock, the first African-American woman for promotion to general in the U.S. Marine Corps. And people on the right used Trump’s choice of nomination as a talking point to sweep racism under the rug. Did it ever cross their mind as to why we are still saying “first black” anything in this day and age? It’s because systemic racism exists, but when people say that, people like Charlie Kirk will consider you to be a victim. Charlie Kirk refuses to acknowledge that racist white people held black people back for centuries when it came to getting superior titles in North America.

There are people from every group that participates in the victim Olympics, but everyone who makes a complaint is not a victim by choice. And we’ll never progress as a nation if society continues to hire think tanks like TPUSA as puppet masters for politics. People like Kirk shouldn't be allowed to have a major role in politics, as he’s very manipulative and misleading, but that’s based on my opinion and my experience. Kirk himself doesn’t know what he believes about African-American people, he only follows trends of historical racism, which is why he cannot be taken seriously in this day and age. His opinion on African-American people and African-American culture is subject to change, so you never know what you're going to get. For example, Kirk made a plethora of contradicting tweets that pertained to the African-American holiday known as Juneteenth.

I believe Charlie Kirk himself and a lot of conservatives don’t know anything about American history, let alone African-American history, therefore he and racist conservatives/republicans should keep the names of African-American ancestors, history, and culture out of their broken agendas. I’m almost sure that I and my dark skin would have not been free if I existed in America on July 4th, 1776, but Kirk felt the need to give his input on how black people should celebrate American holidays. On June 19, 2020, Kirk said the following in a tweet “this is your daily reminder that we wouldn’t be celebrating Juneteenth had republican not freed the slaves.”

On June 19, 2020, Kirk said in a tweet “Today is Juneteenth, celebrating the end of slavery in the United States…This was made possible thanks to republican president Abraham Lincoln”…(which is false). Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, to free all slaves, which epically failed, since there were still slaves up until the late 1800s to early 1900s, but he doesn’t want to discuss that. Kirk also must not know his American history, because if he knew about the letter that Lincoln himself wrote to Former United States Representative Horace Greeley…he wouldn’t have made such remarks.

In the August 29, 1862 letter written to Greeley by Lincoln said the following…“If there be those who would not save the Union, unless they could at the same time save slavery, I do not agree with them. If there be those who would not save the Union unless they could at the same time destroy slavery, I do not agree with them. My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.” Abraham Lincoln was not a champion for African-Americans, so he can end that narrative now. Lincoln never valued the lives of African-Americans. What happened to facts over feelings as he and his organization like to say. With that being said, it’s obvious that the self-claimed patriot doesn't know his history, which is why he should stop trying to validate black/African-American history.

And then on June 20, 2020, Kirk also said in a tweet “Senate Republicans are introducing legislation to make Juneteenth a federal holiday…Barack Obama & Joe Biden were in the White House for eight years…why didn’t they do it?” And lastly, on June 17, 2021, he said in a tweet “Lincoln knew America’s founding was July 1776. He knew that was the day our amazing nation made a step from “ideal” to reality…”Juneteenth” is an affront to the unity of July 4th. We now have 2 summer holidays- and one of them based on race…Shame on the GOP for supporting this.

Charlie Kirk does not know what he’s talking about, and he continues to change his opinion on several topics. I refuse to let him validate the experience of the people who paved the way for me in this country. I do have a voice because of the systemic racism my African-American ancestors had to face. They fought against it to make sure I didn’t have to go through what they did. I’m quite embarrassed that I poured my personal money into this organization (TPUSA), as I, unfortunately, fell into the dumb red-pilled game in high school. I’m 20 now, and it took me a while to see what politics in America really is. I’m very thankful that I have always been someone who questions everything. The truth has led me to side with neither the left nor right. I have decided to side with common sense, the truth, and liberty. I identify as a Libertarian to mitigate any confusion when it comes to my personal politics, but I’m not really a fan of identity politics. I think right is right, and wrong is wrong, and that’s why I cannot pick a side. Both sides represent things I support, but both sides also have cons that I refuse to follow. TPUSA amongst many other reasons…was the final straw I needed to draw to know conservatism wasn’t for me.

I myself am not a democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, so don’t think I’m picking sides. I believe in values/principles over political party. Many of the founding fathers didn’t want political parties anyway, but Kirk rather use identity politics and political parties to inflate the minds of this nation with racism, lies, and endless controversy. I don’t understand why he’s against race, he’s always making it loud and clear that race shouldn’t always be the focus, which I agree with, but he doesn’t mean that. His actions aren't evidence of his beliefs. If he actually knew the meaning behind Juneteenth then he would 100% support it, and not just support it when he needs to cater to a certain political agenda. Definitively, Juneteenth is a holiday celebrated on June 19th to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the US. The holiday was first celebrated in Texas, where on that date in 1865, in the aftermath of the Civil War, slaves were declared free under the terms of the 1862 Emancipation Proclamation. This is not a holiday to support race or victimhood, but it’s a holiday to support the freedom of African-Americans from Texas, but since it has become a nationwide and cultural holiday for all African-Americans, many African-Americans recognize it as a special holiday.

I have seen so much propaganda from TPUSA elucidating how black people are always playing the victim card, which is beside the point because he doesn't understand anything that’s being said when the topic of systemic racism comes up. What’s odd is that Kirk himself always seem to talk about how systemic racism doesn’t exist, but he blames the white liberal and democrats for the detriment placed on African-Americans. He acknowledges that planned parenthood is historically racist. He acknowledges how white liberals hate African-Americans who think for themselves. He’s always talking about how BIG government and social programs destroy African-American communities. He talks about how the white democrats were the founders of the KKK. He’s always talking about the poor education quality of majority African-American schools. For someone who doesn’t believe in systemic racism, he has a lot to say on the struggles facing African-American communities, which makes me believe that he knows systemic racism exists.

Charlie Kirk is another racist white man who endlessly tries to validate the experience of African-Americans through his whiteness. Kirk is not a patriot, but he’s a tyrant with a deadly agenda to speed up the destruction of America. People like him hold platforms with the potential to spark race wars. Systemic racism does exist and it’s very real. When I bring up the topic of systemic racism, it isn’t meant to vilify white people. I will never vilify an entire group of people for a few people’s actions. I know amazing white people that I could never hold a dislike for, especially considering that white people are part of the reason African-Americans are no longer slaves in North America. The underground railroad probably wouldn’t have worked if white people didn’t risk their lives for black slaves. There are tons of white people who I looked up to growing up. Sarah Paulson, Lindsey Lohan, John Stuart Mill, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ayn Rand, Hilary Duff, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stephen King and so many more…the list will go on forever if I had to name every white person I looked up to and received inspiration from.

I do not hate white people, but white people who deny systemic racism while simultaneously blaming the left for oppressing African-Americans are the ones I have issues with. Is racism as bad as it was decades ago? Absolutely not, but systemic racism from the past still has a prominent presence in black America. Look at the low reading scores for African-American students, compared to non-African-American students. The reading scores are like that because of the racist white people who enslaved African people, forced them to culturally assimilate, then made them Americans, and then made sure they had no educational rights. Black Americans were getting lynched and beaten for reading books, and that bothers me as a self-claimed bookworm. My grandparents couldn't even go to school. I love to learn, so knowing that people who looked like me couldn’t enjoy the things I do just for leisure doesn’t sit right with me, it’s an infringement on humanity. Africans came to America and had their entire identity snatched away.

Africans had to get European names, adopt new religions, learn new philosophies, and speak new languages. After all of that, there was no identity left, and African-Americans spent the last few hundred years creating Afro-American identities out of scratch. And even then the new identities aren't enough. The identities created by African-Americans are looked at as ghetto and unprofessional, which is why we see an attack on the dialect of standard English called ebonics. We see black people getting kicked out of corporate America, schools, and wrestling matches just for having Afro hair. White slave owners looked at educated black people as a threat to American society (just like the white left especially), so the best thing for them to do was to deconstruct African men and women from their original traditions and identities.

This is bigger than racism and systemic racism if you ask me. America is a country full of people who hold opinions like Kirk. These opinions are more complex than what people seem to understand. These are the same opinions that racist white slave owners held centuries ago, and all for what…traditional conservatism, western values, and being a blind patriot as long as the white man is comfortable with your “blackness?” FUCK THAT! People like Kirk want people who don’t look like him to assimilate to his idea of what an American should be. This is a melting pot country, and he and everyone else should accept that. I know exactly what the issue is, but TPUSA has no interest in hearing the internal issues, they only want to hear what’s going to fill their bank accounts up. And that's fine, but don’t go to the media and make it seem as if black is just complaining and hate white people. Most black Americans want peace and equality, not war and revenge. Kirk has the habit of taking a few BLM clips from riots and making it seem as if that’s all of black America. He makes it seem like we are unaware of the threats that face us, but when you have the other side of the political spectrum aiming at you too (conservatives), then black Americans have no options when it comes to politics. I hated BLM the minute they introduced themselves to the media. I knew they had bad intentions from the very beginning. BLM has yet to fix any of the issues facing black America with the hundreds of millions of dollars they received in white guilt donations. I’m well aware of what’s going on, and so are many other black Americans.

Let’s talk about how democratic politicians continue to flood African-American neighborhoods with Uncle Sam. Let’s talk about how planned parenthood tends to target black Americans more than anyone when it comes to abortions, they offer no other solutions, they say murdering your baby is the only way. Let’s talk about gang violence, which stemmed from the presence of government in African-American communities, to begin with. Let’s talk about how African-Americans just got the right to vote and the right to go to school not too long ago…and people say systemic racism doesn't exist. It takes policies, decent politicians, and a cultural change to fix black America and the systemic issues.

A lot of the issues that face African-Americans today are issues that stem from unreconciled issues from the past. And of course, people should work hard and not blame everyone else, but the sad truth is black Americans received nothing but the scraps of America for centuries. African-Americans are the only group that has yet to receive reparations. Black America never got 40 acres and a mule, land, or checks. Freedom and rights weren't a thing to black Americans until the late 1900s, it’s 2021, we aren’t that far away from that timeline.

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in black America, but there’s a lot of work to be done in all of America. We have to find out what the issue is with all American groups/identities. Society has to come together to fix the issues at hand, but letting people like Kirk push narratives will never fix anything. Think tanks shouldn't have the power to push a false narrative on people. These narratives allow society to misconceptualze the issue at hand, and they cause a lot of uproar amongst several groups, which then leads to division. Everyone in this country will always be at war if nobody is willing to change the structure of media and politics in America. We must stop following these think tanks, and we have to stop getting information from them. This also goes for the media outlets. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and so many other news/media outlets have proven that they are untrustworthy when it comes to providing the objective truth. Education is key for a stable society, and it starts with eradicating the biggest enemy of society…the mass media, and corrupt people in politics.

It’s funny to me that I wrote this article as a nihilist, especially since I’m very cynical when it comes to politics and change. I think this country is too divided. This country was built on the foundation of race, so I don’t know what an American future will look like, but if we as a nation continue to go down the same path…then we only speed up the fall for America, which is why people need to stand against the government, think tanks, fraudulent political commentators, and the media.



Calvin P. Kennedy Jr.

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