Calvin P. Kennedy Jr.
8 min readNov 7, 2022
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America is the land of many things, but it’s definitely not “the land of the free.” Freedom is a concept subjected to many definitions, but it’s safe to say freedom is mostly and universally defined as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Freedom has no boundary or limitation because intrinsically freedom means to be entirely unrestricted, at least definitively. America is a country where 100% of the residents are forced to abide by the institutional laws enacted by the mainstream two-party political system or federal government. There are no other options for those who reject the ideas and actions of the mainstream two-party system and federal government. One can simply support and cast a vote for a third-party candidate, but it has become clear as day that such an act in America is pointless; mostly because it's ineffective in the American democratic process. Third-party candidates are always swept under the rug during election season, and generally many Americans believe that it’s a waste of time to vote for anyone outside of the Democratic and Republican parties.

America hasn’t had a president that wasn’t a Democrat or Republican since Millard Fillmore who served as the 13th US president from 1850–1853. And although Fillmore wasn't a member of the two-party system, he was a member of the political party known as the “Know Nothing” party, which was a party that hated foreign influence, supported mandatory bible reading within schools, expressed hatred of Catholics, and strongly pushed racist beliefs masked as traditional American values. There will never be a such thing as freedom in America as long as Americans continue to utilize the democratic process and advocate for institutional authority. Any system of authority, no matter its political alignment…is irredeemably corrupt. Democracy, like all other systems of authority; works to subjugate the minority to the majority. It’s impossible to reconcile any egregious elements within American society by casting a simple vote, these vital issues and concerns must be reconciled by the people; not by institutional policies, politicians, or elites.

The American democratic process ensures that people remain political pawns and tools of the state. Participating in the American democratic process is essentially the reason why America has yet to fix anything that’s…

Calvin P. Kennedy Jr.

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