How the United States Constitution Created a Totalitarian America

Calvin P. Kennedy Jr.
7 min readFeb 20
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For centuries, the United States Constitution has served as North America’s decree. It is the legal order that establishes the right to power for the federal government of the United States of America. The founding fathers, some of America’s greatest men, drafted the United States Constitution in order to create a government with sufficient power to protect America and its citizens. They also drafted it to create a government that did not have so much power that it could violate humanity’s fundamental rights, but the primary goal was to establish a workable level of national security to mitigate the power of external threats while also protecting citizens from the negative consequences of big government.

Unfortunately, the United States Constitution has accomplished the polar opposite of what it was intended to accomplish. America has been a totalitarian state since the founding of the constitution; there is no such thing as a constitutionally protected right when the constitution gives the federal government the sole authority to define what a right is and isn’t; this means that a law and a right can be relegated to any moral standard seen as fit by those in political and economic power. The United States Constitution has allowed the government to expand to the point where it severely oppresses humanity by enacting a slew of ostensible laws disguised as solutions to improve the lives of American citizens. The constitution is also a document that finalizes the ground rules for democracy, which means that through political power, the minority is subjugated to the majority, which also means that the constitution inherently establishes a foundation for discrimination, favoritism, widespread discontent, and political and social division among citizens.

It should not be forgotten that even long after the United States Constitution was ratified, many injustices were allowed to take place because of the constitutional powers granted to the government. It should also be remembered that slaves were created based on skin color even after the United States Constitution was ratified. Restrooms, water fountains, and schools were colored-only or white-only. There were sundown towns, sexist workplace policies against women, anti-voting laws against non-white minorities, anti-union laws to protect…

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